Chanakya: A Great Personality Who Makes Us Proud



Time to time, a number of dignitaries have enriched this world with their noble or revolutionary thoughts. There is no doubt that Chanakya was one of the great names in this regard. He was a great scholar, and he interfered in the Indian politics at the time of utmost need.  Magadh was under the throne of Nanda dynasty, which was supposed to be the major kingdom in the Bharatvarhsa (India). This dynasty was ravaging the nation. It was under the king who was sunk in his luxuries and he didn’t care even when Bharatvarsha was being attacked by invaders. When Chanakya tried to awake the king, the king insulted him badly. So, Chanakya opened his ponytail and took the oath that he would not tie it until he would destroy the Nanda dynasty. He became the master (guru) of a genius child named Chandragupta Maurya. When he grew up, Chanakya and Chandragupta started the mission against Nanda with taking the independent republics inside India as well as some other supporters with them. Finally, they succeeded and Chandragupta became the emperor of Akhand Bhaarat (united India).

During that era, the situation of India was somewhat like that it is in the present scenario. Kings were busy in their political gain. The common man was being ravaged by the kings. People were suffering the cruelty. At that time, Chanakya gave a strong and a noble king to India. He used the method “by hook, or by crook”, but these methods were just for sake of good of the public.

Unfortunately, today also there are some people in India, who are directly or indirectly supporting the cruel Nand dynasty. Interestingly, some of these Nanda supporters are recognized as the scholars by some communities. For instance, I have read in an article of some Sardar Baldev Singh, who is perhaps known as a Sikh scholar, that Hindus attack Sikh tenets because of their shame for the acts of Krishna and Chanakya, who used the bad means for pursuit of Victory. Now, even a child is able to imagine how laughable sentence it is. Today also, Chanakya and Krishna are the role models of not only the true Hindus, but also the true Indians. Whatever they did, was for discarding the cruelty from the nation, and not for the pursuit of Victory. And their hook and crook method was for the wicked people, not for everyone. If they had not destroy the wicked people, what would have happened to the common man, it can be easily imagined. Krishna’s Bhagwat Gita and Chankaya’s Arthshastra are still marked as some of the most liked treatises of the world.

Jains claimed Chanakya as a follower of Jainism in their Puranas (mythological scriptures). But, I don’t think that he had anything to do with Jainism. I don’t think that his books have any mention of Jainism. A large number of his tenets are based on the ancient Vedic texts.

Salute to that great personality of history from the core of heart!!!

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